Weighbridge scales are still at large in many mining companies but as new technologies and truck weigh scale systems become available, weighbridges may be becoming less and less common as means of heavy duty weighing.Weighbridge Scales

The fact that weighbridge truck scales came first in warehousing, shipping and mining industries gives them an edge over other weighing options. However, most industries are undergoing rapid changes, including the mining industry.

Weighbridges have their advantages. First off, they can calculate extreme weight amount thanks to their robust weight sensors. The design with which they are built is rugged and durable. They can therefore last for many years and they require little maintenance.

Weighbridge truck scales are resilient to harsh weather and withstands a number of other elements. Lastly, they can be mounted on any flat location. Be as it may, mining companies are going for new weighing methods such as load scanners and on-board truck scales.

Why are companies are opting for new weighing methods at the expense of weighbridges? There are a number of reasons why mining companies no longer consider weighbridges as a weighing option today. Weighbridge scales are expensive. They require excavations and a lot of preparations when setting up. A number of factors such as drainage and flatness of the location have to be considered before set up. Besides, they occupy a lot of space that would otherwise be used for more productive work.Weighbridges

There are four main reasons why mining companies would want to leave weighbridge scales for more technologically advanced load scanners and on-board truck scales.

First, these new weighing methods are portable meaning that a truck can be weighed from anywhere. Others like the in-motion load scanners weigh a truck when in motion making the process even easier. Second, they offer increased efficiency. They are more accurate and lastly, they are cost effective. Besides, the load scanners and other modern mining weighing equipment and system require less maintenance.

The loading methods used in these mining companies are consistent with old, traditional methods. This results to production of standard loads. There is thus need for more accurate and precise weighing methods which the weighbridge scales cannot offer. It is here that the load scanners and other modern weighing methods come in. They can differentiate loads by content, humidity and even density to give more accurate weights.

Weighbridges are not as cheap to manage as are axle portable scales or on-board truck scales. It is easy to manage all weights from a modern load scanner from a computer or even a mobile device. Some old weighbridge scales cannot sync with modern software. In-motion portable truck scale action

Revolutionizing load management in mining companies with new technologies is bound to happen. Indeed, weighbridges may become obsolete within the next couple of years. Today, they are common on roads for traffic checks and in a number of mining and agriculture companies.

As industries develop, they need up to date systems; systems that will offer convenience, efficiency and will be cost effective. Weighbridges may be accurate in their weighing but they fail in other fronts. They are only good in static weigh stations and where they are required to operate for decades.

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