Walz Scale is a global supplier of truck scales, railway scales, and industrial weighing equipment for many different industries. As one of the leading suppliers in North America, Walz Scale is well-known companies for precision weighing equipment and advanced truck scale solutions that are used in the transportation, laboratory, agriculture, waste recycling, chemical, and aggregate solutions.walz scale

Walz Scale has been providing top-notch products as well as local support to their esteemed clients for more than half a century. Apart from the vast product offering, they boast one of the biggest global support and service organizations for specialized mining scales, onboard scales, and truck scale applications.

Moreover, Walz Scale is well-known for its focus on the advancement and development of new and innovative weighing technologies that are aimed at providing exceptional value to all clients. Their onboard solutions rank among the broadest in the world, with millions of systems supplied throughout the world.

The company designs their weighing solutions to not only gather data but also allow for efficient processing and transfer of data into the client’s management and information systems. The company’s truck scales and weighing systems come with innovative and advanced technologies that give all customers access to advanced tools used for managing payload data and critical weight.

Primary Weighing Systems Offered by Walz Scale

While Walz Scale offers a wide range of weighing systems and truck scales, below we feature four of the most popular types that customers seek. portable truck scales

Portable Truck Scales

Walz Scale provides portable truck scales that are not only compact but light enough to be carried around. The portable truck scales from Walz are very vital for almost all applications that require the weighing of vehicles.

On-board Truck Scales

Walz Scale Company prides itself on offering on-board truck scales that come with a particular unit for monitoring the weight of your vehicle and another that delivers information to the truck’s driver in real time.

Steel Deck Truck Scales

Walz Scale offers steel deck truck scales and concrete deck truck scales that are aimed at providing top access to load cells with the added advantage of heavy-duty structural construction. They pride themselves on providing their clients with steel deck truck scales that come with more structural steel compared to other scales on the market today.

truck scale steel deck

Axle Scales

Walz Scale offers axle scales as an alternative to the larger types of truck scales. Hence, it allows you quick check the weigh inputs in your truck before you transport your products to the market. Therefore, portable scales to weigh trucks will help you prevent expensive overweight load penalties.

Main Branches of Walz Scale

Walz Scale operates a number branches, each of which targets specific industry solutions, such as weighing systems for farming and agriculture, as well as mining and aggregate industries. mining payload scales

Payload Pros

Payload Pros is a favorite supplier of the advanced and innovative weighing systems that majorly specialize in the supply of portable scale solutions that used in the construction, recycling, mining, and agricultural industries. Furthermore, Payload Pros offers weighing solutions that offer optimal versatility without compromising the precision and accuracy of your measurements.

Ag Weigh

Ag Weigh is a leading supplier of farm scales and weighing solutions for the farmers. Ag Weigh boasts an impressive offering the broadest range of farm scales, yield management software applications, and agricultural weighing systems for all level of farmers. load scanner

Load Scanner

The revolutionary and innovative laser scanning technology from Walz is appropriate for the management of material truckloads. The Walz Load Scanner is designed to offer accurate volumetric load calculation for the open top trucks while it passes under the scanner. Hence, the scanner provides not only affordable but efficient alternative to both truck scales and any other type of external weighing system.

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