Conveyor Cubing and Dimensioning SystemsWalz, a common name in the market for truck scales and industrial weighing equipment, is now penetrating a new market in cubing systems and dimensioning technology for logistics firms and shipping centers. With the same caliber of advancements in the company’s other product lines, these new dimensioning systems from Walz are highly dynamic and advanced featuring turn-key integration, in-motion cubing, ease of use, software access, and many options for different applications and sizes.

For instance, the in-motion cubing system (IMCS), one of Walz’ more advanced cubing and dimensioning systems, has been created to provide companies with a dynamic cubing system for dimensional scanning of large palletized cargo and packages for conveyors. While customers can opt for a systems that is more simple or more advanced depending on their requirement, Walz has solution to meet a wide scope of cubing system and dimensioning needs.

You can learn more about these dynamic cubing systems and dimensioning technology at, or learn more about some of these advanced systems below.

IMCS: Advanced Cubing System for Conveyors

In-Motion Cubing Systems DimensioningCompanies that have to deal with large shipping operations can leverage the IMCS cubing weighing and dimensioning system when they need high volume and fast dimensional cubing. Automation is one of the most important features of the IMCS cubing and dimensioning system which makes them ideal for high speed operations. Firms can even use the system integrating it into any conveyor system or even as a standalone application.

Walz also offers some of the industry’s most dynamic equipment for dimensioning inside their dimension scanning and weighing systems featuring the famous in-motion cubing systems delivering a top-notch, fully functional outcome. Firms will see data on package dimension in real time thanks to the IMCS which features an outstanding in-motion cubing system.

In addition, Walz’ dimensioning systems feature industrial-grade design making them very advanced systems allowing any operator to integrate them into any conveying system out there. Reducing operating costs and increasing output is now easier than ever.

Automation For Virtually Any Manifest & Shipping System

Walz also offers turn-key cubing and dimensioning systems to automate any manifest and shipping system out there. The firm always delivers affordable yet accurate dimensional weighing and scanning solutions. Not only the firm can do that but also they have real time parcel weighing and dimensioning and their systems can be easily integrated into any shipping system out there using parcel dimension measurements in real time which work in any Microsoft Windows operating system out there.

Walz’s advanced and state-of-the art solutions make the firm stand out among its competitors easily. Organizations of all sizes can source their components locally as Walz cubing weighing systems feature off-the-shelf parts instead of proprietary controllers.

Affordable Cubing & Dimensioning SystemsĀ Package Dimensional Weighing Scanning

Walz’s SPS dimensional weighing and scanning system is a very affordable and accurate dimensional weighing system for warehouse, POP desk and shipping operations. These systems combine reliable, efficient dimensioning and affordable pricing into a single unit. The SPS system is very accurate and companies will get the right dimension scanning and weighing measurement for any package out there thanks to the system’s industrial grade sensors.

This simple dimensional weighing scale system will also continue working in any rough shipping and industrial station application. In addition to this, the SPS system will run on almost any Windows device thanks to its advanced operational software. Clients with large freight and pallets can also benefit from our services as we offer accurate weight and dimensional measurement. Walz’s systems are accurate, fast and can work in any thought condition out there enabling a seamless integration with warehouse and shipping management systems. Companies dealing with receiving and shipping operations will benefit a lot from Walz’s systems as well.

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