Finally, summer is almost here. Like any style in your wardrobe, the fashion behind cycling jerseys for women needs to stay currently trends, seasons, and personal preferences. So if you’re interested in this year’s hottest riding apparel, below we feature 10 unique cycling jerseys for women.unique-cycling-jerseys-1

1. Fixgear Short Sleeved Women’s Cycling Jersey

This jersey has adequate storage space. Three 17.5 cm deep back pockets ensure this is possible. The Fixgear cycling jerseys fabric has moisture wicking capabilities. To ensure mobility and comfort, it has elastic sleeves, waistline and generous side panels. You will love its full length zipper that is cleverly hidden for aerodynamics.

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2. Balloon Women’s Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

The “Airthru” mesh side panels will keep you cool. It has an ultra-soft euro mesh fiber to ensure your maximal comfort. You will find the Fixgear cycling jersey quite accommodating as it stretches four ways. The SPF UV protection will keep you safe from the harsh summer sun.

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3. STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The STL-Style cycling jersey has quickdry technology and great moisture wicking capabilities. Thus will keep you cool as you cycle. It has a full length hidden zipper and soft euro mesh fabric material. Even as you wash it repeatedly, the fabric will retain its color due to the vibrant dye sublimation. It has three rear storage pockets and stretches four ways.

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4. Outfoxed Dare You Women’s Cycling Jersey

For those of you who want to make a bold statement, this is the perfect option. It is clearly one of the unique cycling jerseys. Loud patterns and bold colors. For breathability, its material has a perforated texture and is quite soft. You will soon discover that it is neither too tight nor too loose. This ensures it does not flap as you cycle.

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5. Sportful Allure Women’s Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey

The Sportful Allure cycling jerseys are some of the unique cycling jerseys available on the market.. It has a multi denser, microfiber polyester material. This material stretches comfortably around your shoulders for a great fit. Hem silicone gripers will keep your jersey in place as you ride. You can choose from a wide range of available colors. Three rear pockets will offer you adequate storage space.

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6. Dhb Active Paneled Short Sleeve Women’s Cycling Jersey

The Dhb cycling jerseys are cost effective wear for women cyclists new to exercise. You will love its relaxed fit. At the hem, there are silicone grippers to keep the jersey in place as you cycle. The high wicking, lightweight and flexible fabric will ensure moisture from your skin is drawn away for evaporation. It is one of the unique cycling jerseys as it has a soft neck tape. This feature ensures there are no abrasions on your delicate neckline.

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7. Prep School Bellissima Women’s Cycling Jersey

The Prep School Bellissima cycling jersey is a great cycling jersey for feminine cyclists. Its design will ensure that you do not experience chaffing. This is due to the contrasting band around the sleeves and collar. It is quite elastic and will ensure that you are comfortable when cycling in that hot summer sun.

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8. Netti Women’s Riverine Cycling Jersey

The Netti cycling jersey is nicely styled for summer cycling. You will love its side panels which have a flattering aspect to them. It has a high wicking breathable polyester mesh to ensure that you sweat and keep cool while cycling. The reflective detailing will ensure you remain highly visible.

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9. Louis Garneau Women’s Sirocco Cycling Tank Top

Music lovers? This jersey will appeal to you. It has a multimedia pocket that channels your headphone cables. The mesh back pocket will provide you adequate storage space. Its stretch trim and mesh inner bra will certainly appeal to the ladies. To ensure you are highly visible at night, it has front and rear reflective accents. The Louis Garneau cycling jersey is a practical wear that will keep you comfy and dry while cycling.Truly one of the unique cycling jerseys.

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10. Castelli Ispirata Women’s Cycling Jersey

The Castelli Ispirata cycling jersey is one of the most unique cycling jerseys. You will love its soft feel as it has just the right amount of stretch. Its full length YKK zipper has an external flow to ensure air flows smoothly over your jersey. You will find the three floating pocket design quite practical. The soft colors and feminine touch make this jersey one of the truly unique cycling jerseys for women.

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Now that you have an idea of what cycling jerseys are available, get your shopping basket ready. Choose from one of the many unique cycling jerseys available. Pick what suits you and ensure that your summer cycling is as comfortable as possible.

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