Heavy duty truck scales have become a vital investment for many industrial and agricultural-based businesses. Every company that weighs large loads on a regular basis strives to make use of accurate, dependable, and long-lasting truck scales. Further, most companies are seeking the best truck scales that are designed to accelerate the throughput and efficiency of their weighing operations. Below we profile the best weigh truck scales that have been design to meet these precise needs, and more. top truck scales

On-board Truck Scales

An on-board truck scale is a brilliantly designed scale meant to optimize weighing operational efficiency in every load you transport. On-board truck scales and weighing systems are popular due to their capacity to make efficient use of time by significantly reducing the number of stops that you would be required to be done in the process of transportation.on board truck weigh scales

Moreover, an on-board truck weigh scale plays an imperative role in reducing the risk of breakdown and accidents that would have occurred due to overweight trucks. It comes in a variety of models that are designed to provide solutions for any need. For example, you can get an on-board truck scale for straight trucks, tractor trailers, and wheel loaders hence you can be able to choose one according to your transport needs.

Weigh-in-Motion Portable Axle Scales

Weigh-in-motion portable axle scales are one of the most advanced forms of truck scale technology. Weigh-in-motion (WIM) portable axle scales come with excellent features that are meant to offer cost-effective and efficient ways of measuring both vehicle and gross weights without having any form of a hindrance on the traffic flow.weighing-in-motion portable axle scales

Apart from weighing trucks, these portable axle scales areĀ used for commercial weight enforcement due to its ability to screen all the vehicles entering a weigh station and directing any overweight truck to a static scale. Below is a video of weigh-in-motion axle scale from AgWeigh.com, a truck scale supplier that specialize in weighing systems for farmers and agricultural producers.

Moreover, weigh-in-motion portable axle scales are equipped with software applications used in virtual weigh stations to identify all trucks and vehicles that are carrying loads weighing more than the maximum allowed and sends the truck`s image through a wireless means to an authority that is located at the scale site.

Load Volume Scannerload volume scanner

The load volume scanner is a brilliant, non-contact, drive-through laser scanning unit that provides volumetric measurements of heavy loads. It’s not a truck scale, but for some weighing operations, the load volume scanner provides greater levels of throughput and efficiency compared to most truck scale systems. Below is a video of the load volume scanner from WalzScale.com.

The load volume scanner makes use of advanced 3D laser scanning technology to accurately scan the volume of the material that is being carried by trucks passing under the scale unit. It has a high visibility LED message board that is used for loading and displaying results.load volume scanner

Furthermore, it provides two operation modes: standard operation mode where all trucks are scanned when empty and all the results recorded in the system`s database and a mode where the loaded truck is examined and its load volume computed by having a comparison of all the load scans against all the database records.

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