If you’re in need of a back or neck surgery, it is essential to choose the right surgeon to minimize any complications. Spinal surgeons are effective in ensuring that you’ll experience minimal pain during the procedure. The most important factor to take into consideration before deciding on your spine surgeon is the actual outcome of their work.spine surgeons treatment

The process involves figuring out whether the surgeon is capable of eliminating or significantly reducing the amount of pain you’ll be experiencing. It also determines whether they’ve had only a few or plenty of complications while doing the surgery. The assurance that you’ll get a correct diagnosis is extremely high if you choose any of these top 5 highly-rated spinal surgeons in the U.S.

1. Dr. Joshua S. Rovner, MD (Englewood, New Jersey)

Dr. Rovner’s philosophy is that each patient is unique. Therefore, even if the New Jersey spinal surgeon has treated the exact same condition you have countless times before, you will still have a different prognosis. The best part about his spine surgery practice in New Jersey, Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics, is that he personalizes his patient’s treatments with a combination of approaches.

Every treatment program is designed depending on the needs, preferences and condition of the patient. Dr. Joshua S. Rovner understands that not everyone who comes to him for consultation will need an operation. He strives to begin with conservative treatments before using surgical solutions. Each patient’s experience with Progressive Spine & Orthopedics is guaranteed to be positive and with good intentions. Unlike other New Jersey spine surgeons, Dr. Joshua Rovner strongly believes in maximizing the benefits of alternative treatments before putting his patients under the knife.

2. Dr. Kevin Gill (Dallas, Texas)

Dr. Kevin Gill is considered to be one of the leading spinal surgeons in the world. He has pioneered a few of the latest advancements used to evaluate and treat lumbar and cervical spinal conditions. These advancements include spinal fusion surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, disc arthroplasty and new modular disc implants.

Dr. Gill’s outstanding mission is to be a provider of the best solutions concerning patients who need help in regaining optimal movement. His goal is to let them return to enjoying regular activities without experiencing neck or back pains. Dr. Gill has participated in multiple clinical trials which investigated surgical techniques. He uses non-operative solutions and conservative treatments for patients who don’t require surgery.

3. Dr. Anthony T. Yeung (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dr. Anthony T. Yeung has been recognized on multiple occasions as one of the top spinal surgeons in the world. He is the head of the Desert Institute for Spinal Care (DISC) located in Arizona. In 2011, he was named the Top Surgeon in Phoenix. Dr. Yeung’s specialty is treating the main cause of back pain.

Dr. Yeung studies the degenerative conditions of the spine and uses advanced technology as his guide. It allows him to envision and locate where the pain is coming from. Dr. Yeung was the first surgeon to use the Endoscopic Spine System. It is FDA approved and uses endoscopically guided lasers. He also wrote 85 scientific publications regarding his groundbreaking methods.

4. Dr. Jeffrey A. Goldstein (New York, New York)

Dr. Goldstein has been the United States’ leading spinal surgeon for several years. He has incredibly been recognized as a Top Doctor in New York by the New York Magazine. He claimed that positioned for six straight years. Dr. Goldstein‘s specialty is in cervical and lumbar disc replacements. He is known to be successful in implementing very minimal invasive surgical procedures. He is the best option for people suffering from deformities of the spine or back.

5. Dr. Michael O’Brien (Plano, Texas)

Dr. O’Brien is a board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon. His specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of spinal deformities and disorders. This includes reconstructive spine surgery in both children and adults. Dr. O’Brien has received plenty of academic awards and honors for his research. He was part of the Dean’s list in Columbia University. He was previously the Chairman of the Scoliosis Research Society. His role was to provide intricate spinal care to indigent patients who lived in South and Central America.

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