robot guided spine surgeryOne of the greatest advancements in the medical and healthcare sectors has been the invention of the Mazor Renaissance System Robot. Developed by a leading medical technology firm, Mazor, the Renaissance System is high-tech robot that is used to carry out robotic spinal surgery procedures in first world countries like the United States, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Israel, as well as many other countries with reputable medical systems. The use of Mazor’s robotic system in undertaking various surgical procedures and has become the new gold standard for minimally-invasive spine surgery.

Features of the Mazor Robot

The Mazor Robot is a small robotic device with a workstation setting that enables surgeons to map out the spinal anatomy of a patient prior to the surgery. The robot comes with a unique clamping fixation device coupled with a specially developed software for controlling the robot. One of the most amazing things about the robot is that it guides surgeons to avoid cutting deep incisions during spinal surgeries.

Having been used in over 2,000 spinal surgeries, the Mazor Robot has exhibited great efficiency, unrivaled performance and accuracy in surgical procedures. There has not been even a single case of nerve damage in surgeries undertaken using the robot. In short, the Mazor robot is redefining today’s minimally-invasive surgical technology.

Common Types of Robot-Guided Spinal Surgeries

The Mazor Robot is primarily used in surgical procedures that seek to correct severe spinal deformities and scoliosis. The robot is quite sophisticated in that it helps the spine surgeon in mapping out the spinal anatomy of a patient and carry out the entire procedure even before the patient gets into the surgery room.

The creativity and uniqueness of the robot not only increases precision but also reduces the radiation exposure of the patient during surgery. As such, the chances of any post-surgery complications arising are very negligible and next to none. In addition to robot-guided spinal surgery, the Mazor Robot has been quite useful and dependable when inserting spinal implants.

Advantages of Robotic Spinal Surgery

For starters, robotic spinal surgery procedures with the Mazor Robot are very efficient and accurate. This in turn makes these surgical procedures very cost-effective as the costs and time spent when preparing and undertaking the surgery are by far much less than those in normal non-robotic surgeries. minimally-invasive Robotic Spinal Surgery

What is more amazing about these robotic surgical procedures is that they use minimally invasive approaches thereby reducing any likelihood of possible damage to the spine and nerve system. There are various spine conditions that can safely be treated using this surgical procedure. These are conditions that would be too risky to treat using unaided surgery. The conditions include symptomatic spinal stenosis, intradural-extramedullary tumors, synovial cysts, spinal cord syrinxes, and tethered cords.

There are great future advancements that are aimed at making robotic spinal surgery procedures more accurate, easy and safe to execute, and be able to deliver reproducible results. Thanks to Mazor, the use of robots in spine surgeries is geared towards finding a cure and remedy for all spine conditions- most of which have proved to be quite hard to treat. This is not only expected to bring about faster recovery after spine surgeries but also promote general spine health.

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