Every time a computer connects to the internet, it is faced with enormous threats of being infected by viruses, computer bugs, malware, Trojans, adware, spyware and many more. Installing an antivirus program could be one way of dealing with such threats. However, some of the latest virus threats are capable of infecting a computer regardless of whether an antivirus software or security is installed or not. This can lead to poor performance of the computer, total loss of files, or compromise of confidential information.Remote Virus Removal Services

Remote virus removal services may provide a lasting solution to the removal of some of the stubborn viruses, helping to reinstate a computer to its normal functioning. One may therefore opt for a reputable virus removal provider to fix the computer issues remotely/online. Some of the popular and dependable providers of remote virus removal services include:

1. Nerds on Call

Nerds on Call is a trusted and experienced computer repair shop with four locations strategically situated in Central Illinois. Nerds on Call boast of a team of experts who offer remote virus removal services and fix other errors that reduces the performance of a computer. The experts remotely connect to a computer for their client and perform malware cleaning and virus removal thereby eliminating all viruses, malware, spyware and other threats. This optimizes the performance of a computer to work without flaws just like a new one.

Nerds on Call offers remote virus removal services for clients ranging from basic computer users to large businesses. The timely remote virus removal services offered by Nerds on Call are also cost-saving and much affordable.

On top of the remote online services, the company also provides on-site virus removal services in various locations in central Illinois. These computer services are particularly important for unique and severe conditions that require drastic measures such as a computer that does not boot.

2. Remote PC Fix

Remote PC Fix is a company that prides of technicians with years of experience in various computer performance and related issues. The company fixes virus and spyware issues by remotely connecting to the systems belonging to its clients. It ensures that an updated Antivirus and Anti-spyware software are installed and operating efficiently. Apart from remote virus removal, the company also repair antivirus and fix slow performance of a computer.

Remote PC Fix usually charges a flat rate starting from $39.95 which is only payable once the client is satisfied that the issue is fixed and authorizes the credit card for payment. The diagnosis of the problem is free. Remote PC Fix is the virus removal branch of FacetTech.com, a leading technology firm with over 20 years of experience.

3. BoxAid

BoxAid is a leading company in remote computer repair and PC support in the US. The company specializes in providing services in remote removal of virus and Trojans instead of selling generic software. BoxAid has a team of experts who connect to the computers of their clients and remotely and manually remove the viruses.

Apart from virus removal services, BoxAid also optimizes the performance of a computer through removal of junk programs and also clean out of unneeded files in the hard disk. The company also fine tunes the peripheral devices attached to the computer such as printers to enhance smooth functioning.

The pricing by BoxAid includes; a one-time charge of $29.95 for quick help (30 minutes), a onetime charge of $59.95 for Errors, Tune Ups, Email Issues (60 Minutes) and $89.95 one time charge for complex virus removal (Over 90min).

In conclusion, Remote virus removal services are important in the sense that one does not need to visit offices of a company. Services can be requested online and the experienced staff can connect the computers remotely and remove the virus malware or spyware.

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