land pride rotary cuttersSince 1986, Land Pride has never failed to impress when it comes to rotary cutters and property maintenance equipment. The company is based in Salina, Kansas and is well-known for manufacturing top-notch equipment such as finishing mowers, rotary cutters, grooming mowers, overseeders, rotary tillers and much more. Almost all employees at Land Pride has a rural background, and as a result, all Land Pride products carefully designed to make work easier and more efficient for customers.

As a leading provider of rotary cutters, Land Pride offers some of the most premier products on the market. Some of the best rotary cutters from Land Pride include:

1. Land Pride RC6610 Offset Rotary Cuttersland pride rotary cutters RC6610

Unlike their relatives, RC6615 models, the RC6610 rotary cutters have more power suitable for any extreme environment. They are ideal for usage on slightly contoured or gently sloped roadsides, residue in row crop fields, pastures and more.

This Land Pride rotary cutters ability to cut weeds, 10 inch cutting width and 2-14 inch cutting height optimizes its performance on such applications. The RC6610 models come with various safety guard and axle configurations. They can also be used for state and municipal mowing.

2. Land Pride RC4015 Rotary Cutters

These Land Pride rotary cutters come with a heavy duty gearbox from RC5615 cutter. The RC4015 has a 3.5 inch cutting capacity and a 15 inch cutting width. Even though it has a powerful gearbox, this model is a medium-duty cutter. Some of its advantages include:

  • Easy and quick setup.
  • Has a 2 year gearbox warranty.
  • Can handle heavy duty cutting applications.
  • Has LP performance self-leveling hitch which reduces drawbar wear.
  • Has a narrow A-frame for tighter turning radius.

3. Land Pride RCF3096 Series Rotary Cutters land pride rotary cutters RCF3096

RCF3096 Series of Land Pride rotary cutters is a medium-duty cutter for roadside applications and pastures. This model is fitted with dual-spindles, 3-point and semi-mount/pull-type features. Has a 2.5 inch overall cutting capacity and 0.25 inch side skirts. RCF3096 series has the following features and benefits:

  • High gearbox horsepower ratings.
  • A 5 year gearbox warranty which certifies that the component is top-notch.
  • Compatible with almost all tractors.
  • A fully welded 10 gauge deck for better rigidity.

And because this is a popular series, it’s easy to get Land Pride rotary cutter parts to make needed repairs.

4. Land Pride RC5020 Rotary Cutters

Available models in this series of Land Pride rotary cutters include RC5020 and RCM5020. They are heavy-duty cutters suitable for cutting on slightly contoured right-off-ways, pastures, set aside acres or pastures. They have a cutting width of 20 inches and 2-14 inch cutting height. RC5020 cutters come with a pull-type self-leveling hitch which can be attached to 70-250HP tractors.

5. Land Pride RCFM4014 Rotary Cutters

This is a new model from Land Pride. It comes with a 3-spindle rigid deck feature which makes it suitable for harsh or hostile conditions. Has a 14 inch cutting width suitable for cotton, row-crop shredding and pasture clearing. Its tip speed is 15000 rpm while the gearbox offers 210/250 HP ratings. Because this is a new model, it may be more difficult to find replacement Land Pride parts for this particular rotary cutter series.

6. Land Pride RC4615 Rotary Cutters land pride rotary cutters RC4615

Land Pride RC4615 is a hybrid of RC4015 and RC5615 hence expect state-of-the-art features. It comes with a rugged gearbox, dependable drivelines and axles. It’s ideal for pasture maintenance and contractor use. This model is a heavy-duty rotary cutter. Additional benefits include:

  • High tip speed for clean cutting.
  • Better material discharge due to left wing clockwise rotation.
  • Smooth top design for easy cleaning.

7. Land Pride RC5615 Rotary Cutters

With a smooth top design, the RC5615 model allows debris and moisture to roll off easily. It also has a smooth bottom hence prevents dry caking material from lodging in tight corners. In addition, RC5615 has a spring-cushioned wheel arm for comfy rides through rough terrain. To prevent components from being damaged by bumps, this model is fitted with a center skid shoe at the bottom.

These are the top 7 premier rotary cutters from Land Pride Company. Each of the models has additional features and benefits which can be accessed by visiting Land Pride’s official website.

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