Formax is a one of the most well-known manufacturers of pressure sealer machines for many different commercial applications. Formax has specialized in the design and manufacturing of leading pressure sealer machines. These specialized sealing machines are typically used in mailing and labeling applications for businesses that put-together and send outbound mail. Formax Pressure Sealer Machines

As an independent manufacturer, Formax offers pressure sealer solutions to fit the budget of various organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Formax focuses on the provision of quality machines meant to help make business operations more efficient and automated. From custom pre-printed labels to technology solutions, Formax helps to automate many levels of its commercial customers, with pressure sealer machines leading the way.

There’s a reason why Formax is a premier producer of pressure sealer machines for sale. Below we take a look at three leading models from Formax. You can find these Formax pressure sealer machines for sale at

Formax FD 1202 Pressure Sealer MachineFormax FD 1202 Pressure Sealer Machine

The Formax FD 1202 is an entry-level pressure machine that is user-friendly and easy to manage. It has an auto seal feature which gives the user some low volume solutions meant for processing of one-piece pressure sensitive mailers.

The Formax FD 1202 pressure sealer machine offers enhanced usability as well as reliability which cannot be matched to other pressure sealers machines in the market today. The device is combined with a laser printer and some pressure seal forms. It creates very secure and mail-ready pieces very quickly and efficiently.

Formax FD 1402 Pressure Sealer Machine

Formax FD 1402 Pressure Sealer MachineAs a mid-level performer, the Formax FD 1402 pressure sealer machine very reliable pressure machine for business organizations. It is almost similar to FD 1202 because it offers user-friendly solutions for processing of one piece pressure mailers.

The FD 1402 has a speed of processing a minimum of 75 forms per minute. The length of this pressure machine is of great advantage to the operators. It allows the user to complete his or her daily processing job with ease.

Formax FD 1502 Pressure Sealer Machine

Formax FD 1502 Pressure Sealer MachineThe Formax FD 1502 is an ideal pressure sealer for large operations. With its Auto seal, the user can enjoy it while using. It offers user-friendly volume solutions for processing a one piece pressure mailer. Its usability and reliability are unmatched.

The FD 1502 enable users to complete their job with a lot of ease. It is in a position of producing up to 100 forms per minute, a form size of 14 in length. No struggle. It contains an integrated output conveyor which keeps all the processed forms in a sequential and a perfect order ready for mailing.

Other Pressure Sealers from Formax

Other top product lines and models of pressure sealer machines manufactured by Formax include the following:

  • FD 1502 Plus Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2002 Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2002IL Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2032 Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2054 Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2084 Pressure Sealer
  • FD 2200 Series Pressure Sealers

Formax is a company that designs cutting-edge solutions to meet your organizational and even private labeling and mailing needs. Since the time the company was founded, Formax has been basing its business model on the quality of service and output its machines offer to organizations and how satisfied customers are with their investment.

Formax strives to do what is right and ethical as per its customers. You can access the company’s sales team, on the internet and order what you need in a timely manner. Quality service and delivery is the backbone to Formax and it reflects the incredible products that the company offers.

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