walzWith roots as a local supplier throughout central Illinois, Walz Label & Mailing Systems has grown to become one of the leading solution providers for mailing and postage technology on the web. The company offers an incredible portfolio of postage machines and mailing solutions, a few of which we outline in greater detail below.

Mailing Scales mailing scales

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers six different models for mailing scales. The top brand postal scales manufacturers partnering with Walz for now are Detecto, Mettler Toledo, and Avery Weigh-Tronix. The properties of mailing scales listed in this site include being economical and accurate.

These premium mailing scales are built with software solutions that detect and weigh large and small cargo accurately. Their high capacity is a partner in the supply chain industry.

Address Printers

addressing printer machineThe Walz Label & Mailing Systems is a company which aims at automating business with mailing and labeling system product and services. Among the top brands and models of address printers vending in this company include the Rena Imager CS which is considered having a renown high-quality entry level.

Rena address printers are useful in many areas and activities including printing pictures that are colored for easy mailing and identification. Also, among other top address printers is the reputable Pitney Bowes DA50s printer and imager. This addressing printer machine is known because it is good for small to medium-volume mailer to render quality services with impressive graphics.

Tabbing & Labeling Systems

There are approximately 13 tabbing and labeling machines you are likely to find in the mailing system category of Walzeq. While all the 13 machines are top brands, the choice of any depends on the needs of the company.

For example, large and busy companies can go for Ameritek Dual Tabber, RENA T-650, and Accufast ET. On the other hand, the small companies have the remainder of the machines to choose from. The tabber and labeler machines presented on this site are industry certified. Manufacturers, Rena, Ameritek, and Accufast, share the market in equal measure, hence guarantee mailing system machines that are return on investment.

Postage & Mailing Machinesmailing machine postage meter

In the Walz Labeling & Mailing Systems online platform, the supply chain department will find a variety of mailing machines, suppliers. The top brands of these postage mailing machines at WalzEQ.com include Neopost IM-280/IS280, which is used to put stamps on the mails for easier and fast sending.

This mailing machine is highly efficient, with low cost, hence economical, resourceful and time saving. The IM-330 is also another machine which is advanced, convenient and easy to operate. Among other mailing machines, those listed at Walz are effective in this modern technology generation for serving all mailing services.

Mail Preparation Software

At Walz, the Preparation Software named Bulk Mailer Professional takes to lead and is considered significant in making this system more productive. This software functionality enables quick mails delivery and has the minimum rates of posting mails. On the other hand, the A-Qua Mailer is also perfect in rendering quick tasks completion with the high productivity rate. Also, the Mail Management Software is created with an Arm-Account Report Manager with more than 50 standards of mail units.

mail management prep software

Mail Management System

Under the Mail Management System, there is EasyTrack Snapshot, which gives a summary of the critical issues about mail. For example, date and the number of emails per specific day are managed. Available in this category also is the EasyTrack complete that contains the tracking system data reports to show where latest mails have been scanned. The mail management system at Walz is supply chain and communication solutions the corporate world has been waiting for.

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