It goes without saying that any operator of a trucking, farming, mining, construction, or transport-based company need an efficient and reliable weighing system. In most instances, every company dealing with heavy-duty loads require an adequate weighing system. portable axle scales

A well-designed weighing system will enable your business to ensure that all the outgoing and incoming fleets meet all the legal weight requirements before hitting the highway. Though most transport and logistic firms make use of large truck scales, many are yet to identify the most affordable, versatile, and efficient truck scales on the market today; the portable axle scales.

Portable axle scales are designed with a simple design and a mobile design yet is known to yield great accuracy and ensure high productivity. They are designed to withstand maximum loads since they are equipped with an overload protector. Furthermore, they come in varied weighing capabilities and are easy to use. Below is a review of three advanced yet affordable portable axle scales from Walz Scale, a leading producer of heavy-duty truck scales and weighing systems.

AXW-110 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

The AXW-110 Weigh-In-Motion axle scale is designed to provide an increased weighing capacity since its scale is crafted to withstand a weight of up to 110 tons. Apart from offering an exceptional performance for heavy-duty loads, it can retain an ultra-lightweight portable scale solution.

The AXW-110 Weigh-in-Motion Axle Scale provides in-motion weighing solutions since it can weigh large trucks while in motion. It can gather accurate weight metrics while a truck passes over the scale. It is equipped with removable ramps which make the scale more portable due to lightweight.

This affordable portable axle scale has a versatile base, implying that it can weigh your truck from anywhere you wish. With its off-road base, you can weigh your vehicle even in the field and still get accurate results. Its advanced weight terminal comes with a rechargeable battery to enable you to weigh your trucks for many hours without being forced to stop for a recharge. Furthermore, it is equipped with a load analysis tool that is meant to help you in ensuring a better management of your vehicles.

AXW-95 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

The AXW-95 weigh-in-motion axle scale is designed to ensure maximum truck weights of up to 95 tons. It is constructed using a structural steel that can sustain heavy-duty use while providing optimal output. Unlike other wheel weighers in the market today, this in-motion axle scale technology is designed to offer off-road weighing solutions.

This portable axle scale from Walz has lightweight and removable ramps that enable for simple access to its scale pads. The installation and removal of these scale ramps are accessible and doesn’t require technical skills and deep knowledge, so it’s easy to set-up and operate. Moreover, it comes with a weighing terminal that has a rechargeable battery to allow for continuous operation.

AXW-45 Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale

The AXW-45 weigh-in-motion axle scales provide accurate weight metrics for large off-road vehicles. It is ideal for any applications that require weighing in off-road conditions and large tires. It is built from waterproof aluminum material that is designed to perform in the toughest conditions.

You can weigh your truck at any site and in almost any conditions with this axle scale. Furthermore, it has a removable ramp that is dazzling to act as an additional alert to the driver as well as improve the portability of the scale. This in-motion portable weighing scale comes with a load analysis tool that can allow you to access 3D load analysis.

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