Pitney Bowes is a world-renowned technology company that provides innovative addressing, mailing, and postage system solutions for all types of businesses. The groundbreaking addressing and postage technology behind Pitney Bowes is meant to help businesses integrate as well as optimize their digital and physical mailing processes so as improve operations, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes enables businesses to send parcels and packages across the world, and they secure payments through invoices and statements to help all their clients move forward. One of the areas they major in is address management technology. Some of their address management solutions include: DA70s AddressRight addressing system/envelope printer, SynTel AutoMail, ConnectRight Mailer systems, MAIL360, and Return Mail Processing.

Pitney Bowes DA70s AddressRight Addressing Systems

This is a technological solution that will help businesses to address and personalize their mail at fantastic speeds. Using the DA70s AddressRight addressing system/envelope printer, a company can address a mail piece as well as include a personalized message to postcards, booklets, and envelopes at wonderful speeds peaking at 14,000 mail pieces each hour.Pitney Bowes DA70s AddressRight Addressing Systems

The importance of creating personalized envelopes is to increase the chances of the mail piece being opened and read by the recipient. The DA70s AddressRight address envelope printer helps to achieve these vital functions, and more.

With the aid of shuttle head technology, you can print virtually anywhere on the envelope, thus, you can deal with multiple layouts without the need to change the setup of the printer. You may also take advantage of the Light Mode capability so as to maintain a correct resolution while using minimal ink.

Every AddressRight Addressing system from Pitney Bowes functions in sync with the company’s postal mail management software system as the ultimate solution.

Some of the benefits of using this system is that it can address up to 14,000 envelopes each hour; can handle multiple sizes of media; has a shuttle head technology which permits you to permit almost anywhere on the envelope; has a small footprint thus allowing the solution to almost any office or mailroom environment.

SynTel AutoMail pitney bowes address management

SynTel AutoMail can be highly beneficial to companies as it helps them to presort and lower their postal rates. With the SynTel AutoMail, you can be able to presort your mailings to USPS standards, thus, qualifying mailings for the least possible postage rates- can achieve a postage saving of up 25% on each mail piece. Additionally, SynTel AutoMail is able to organize mailings depending on weight, separating oversize envelopes that may require special handling.

ConnectRight Mailer System

To get a message into the right hands, you will need to get the customer addresses every time. Getting the customer addresses right will also soar customer satisfaction levels and improve your company’s reputation. Thankfully, ConnectRight Mailer system makes this possible with its address data software that integrates powerful correction abilities with the USPS presort services in a very simple to use and intuitive format. With ConnectRight Mailer system, you can quickly process mailing lists as well as ensuring the best postage rates.


MAIL360 is a revolutionary solution which automates the translation of third-party mail tracking data and USPS into a standardized version so that it can be readily incorporated into your firm’s processes. MAIL360 is revolutionary system that is evolving today’s business mailing systems.

Return Mail Processing Pitney Bowes

Return Mail Processing

Pitney Bowes, through the Return Mail Processing functionality, can help reduce the difficulty in the management of retuned physical email. Return Mailing Processing form Pitney Bowes gives clients and updated address file to use the next time there is mailing of a communication.

These solutions, and many more, make Pitney Bowes a go-to company for address-management solutions.

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