on-board weighing systems digital displayWhether used on haul trucks, semi-trucks, wheel loaders, or conveyors, on-board weighing systems are designed to efficiently capture weights that are on the move. While the most common measurement in such applications is of axle weights and gross vehicles weights (most often determined by a truck scale or axle scale of some sort,) vehicles must travel to a weighing site or static weigh scale system to get these measurements.

Unlike static truck weighing scales, on-board weighing systems are capable of accurately measuring vehicle loads while en route, eliminating the need for the vehicle to stop or visit a dedicated weighing site to get weight measurement taken. This not only makes the entire weighing process more effective but also quite efficient.

Technology & Functionality of On-board Scales

On-board scales are often used for many needs. In addition to the most common use of determine truck load weight on the fly, on-board weighing systems are used in for highway vehicle weight enforcement, such as the Commercial Vehicle Information System from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

on-board scale componentsFor measurement, the system employs various types of sensors, with force sensors using quartz crystals being the most preferred option since they can only measure in one direction along the vertical axis. When force is applied on the top surface of that particular sensor, quartz crystals produce electric charge that’s proportional to the applied force.

On-board weighing system units also have inductive loops which define the exit and entry from the station. These signals are normally used as triggering inputs which are used to stop and start the measuring so as to initiate the totaling of gross weight. For very low speed applications, inductive loops can be effectively replaced with other sensors such as piezo cables, axle sensors or light curtains.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

One of the most popular and logical use of on-board weighing systems include on-board wheel loader weighing systems. These on-board loader scales are basically weighing systems which are fitted on wheel loaders, most of them can work with all wheel loaders and are fitted with a graphical operator interface which makes operating the scale easy and simple. On-board wheel loader scales are also field- installable and serviceable, making them quite robust and with very low maintenance requirements. They are quite common in farming and mining operations.

On-board Truck Scales on-board truck weighing systems

On-board truck scales are quite popular in mining applications, they normally include an integrated on board weighing system that’s used to determine weight of loads while in transport. Most on-board truck scales, such as the on-board weighing systems available at WalzScale.com, can easily weigh while loading and also weigh while dumping. Most on-board truck scales also come ready with multiple communication protocol options. It is also worth mentioning that these haul truck scales have a very robust design. They are also available in different systems such as hydraulic and strain gauge.

On-board Conveyor Weighing Systems

On-board conveyor weighing systems on the other hand allows loads to be weighed while they move down the conveyor system during transportation. They are quite popular in logistics, mining, warehousing and industrial applications. Further to this, they can be custom integrated so as to suit unique applications. With a simple user interface and a compact belt scale design, the units are field installable and serviceable and come with a built-in support for scale ticket printers.

On-board Rail Weighing Systems on board rail weighing systems

On-board rail scales have also gained a lot of acceptance in the mining, transport and industrial application market segments. They come in different platform designs such as axle and full platform. Depending on the client needs, there are multiple scales and capacities readily available. For durability, the unit is available in heavy rail scale duty design even though custom on-board scale designs can also be availed.

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