Volumetric load scanner technology has gained immense popularity as the best alternative to truck scales and other cumbersome, expensive weighing systems. A volumetric load scanner is a machine that offers in-motion payload measurement solutions using laser scanning capabilities. This provides faster and highly accurate results while keeping it simple to install and operate.portable volumetric load scanner

For example, the volumetric load scanner offered by Walz Scale comprises of the best-in-class load scanner technology that offers payload management and a large scale weighing solution. The machine has the ability to measure the weight of a truck in motion and will calculate the volume metrics and then convert them to the weight metrics within a short time. The system is used in many industries that range from construction, quarry, and sandpit, biomass, and mulch as well as the mining industries. The machine has significantly been considered to offer a cost effective solution in the accurate and efficient calculations of the load volume in the mining industries.

The Technology Behind The System

The volumetric load scanner leverages highly-advanced 3D volume load scanner technology that has been considered to have improved the efficiency and accuracy of the payloads. The technology makes use of sophisticated scanners that have been integrated with a proprietary software or the payload pro suite software and the payload operating system that helps in the creation of the 3D images of the volume of the specific weight of the load on the truck hence enables easier calculation of the payload weight.3d volumetric scanner

The loadscan system in the 3D volume scanner uses a special laser scanning device that is situated on the top of the pole that is always connected to a particular base. The truck driver is then expected to drive under the laser detector so that it can allow the scanning of the load. After scanning, the data is converted to 3D images that show the spatial distribution of the particular materials on the truck which is suitable in mining industries. The programmed software uses the above information to do the calculations that will establish the weight of the payload. The use of lesser scanners has been proven to be an easier and a faster process that makes work easier, better and profitable.

Software Integration & Data Analysis Features

volumetric truck scanner softwareThe software that is integrated with the scanner has been made in a manner that it is compatible to all types of mobile phones and computer devices. The operators are able to leverage its capabilities and tools to track, monitor and manage the data on the load scan. The technology enables long-term storage and measurement of the data because it records all the measurements. The data may then be used for the analysis of both the short-term and the long-term trends which will enable the mining firms to make future plans that will entail the optimization of the shipping systems.

The 3D load volume scanner gives information concerning the distribution of the materials in the truck which enables the drivers to adjust their weight to ensure they are distributed equally and safely that is essential in the mining industries. The process helps in decreasing the wear and tear in the trucks hence reduces the costs of repairs and replacements. Moreover, proper weight distribution ensures safety for the drivers because it reduces the chances of the truck rolling due to lack of balance. The technology has been considered to increase the efficiency of the supply chains throughout the mining and other production industries. The cheaper installation of the load scanner and its ability provide insights on the long-term trends makes it stand out among all the other weighing options.

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