Anyone who has ever needed lawn mowers, tractors, and landscaping equipment in the greater Peoria and central Illinois area has probably heard of German Bliss.

German Bliss is a compact equipment company that has been servicing the central Illinois for many years. However, the local marketplace for lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, and replacement parts and components has evolved competitively as a new contender came to town: Tractor Supply Co.

local competition

One interesting thing about Tractor Supply Co. is that although they are a bigger company with a wider national market reach. And unlike most situations that involve national franchisors penetrating local markets, Tractor Supply Co. hasn’t been able to out-do German Bliss with one single blow. German Bliss has still considerably maintained it’s high level of market share, regardless the many ferocious marketing techniques implemented by Tractor Supply Co.

Reputation, Credibility, & Trust Go A Long Way

So it prompts the question. Why are Peoria and central Illinois customers still buying from German Bliss? Is it out of loyalty to a brand store that has served their region for generations? Or is it because the voices of the dead spirits are calling from the pit for them not to do it?

The fact is that the reason for German Bliss’ great success is that they’ve been able to earn their customer’s respect and trust over the years. They’ve got a solid track record of providing top quality landscaping equipment, lawn mowers and tractors from the top brands, from around the country. All products are certified, high quality and include the guarantee.

All customers have throughout the years been able to buy products at the store without ever leaving a sour taste in the mouth. They get what they pay for, German Bliss’ customer service is amazing at helping them with whatever issues may arise, and guarantees are provided fast as mentioned in the products’ contract.

Another aspect that makes German Bliss stands out over Tractor Supply Co. is that they already have a established review base. Unlike the other company which is pretty new and nobody knows much about, German Bliss has many reviews from prior customers that still prefer the company instead when making buying decisions. Newer customers in the region that also want to buy any of the cited products from these companies’ categories, usually choose to view which company has the most reviews and then buy.

Customer-Centric Business Model

Among many strategies used by German Bliss, such as offering awesome customer service, they’ve surprised their customers by only providing state of the art equipment. These are lawn mowers, tractors, and landscaping equipment that integrate the latest technological developments in the industry. They have cutting edge technology in their motors, design and built. They are equipment built for hard working conditions and have long lasting durability.

Clients who buy German Bliss’ products know that they are getting what they pay for and more bang for their buck. That their products have a higher cost-benefit ratio above the national average, with products that are highly quality, supplied by the top industry manufacturers, and that have extended guarantees, features and benefits.

Now you know why German Bliss is still around, and is going to be around for years to come. Pay a visit to one of their three stores, and see how they can provide you awesome products to meet all your lawn mowing and construction needs.

Contact the Peoria leader by following the address and contact information below:

German Bliss–Equipment
215 Fairlane Dr
East Peoria IL 61611
Phone: 309-694-3700

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