Mining companies operate in an expensive, efficiency-based economic environment. It is therefore critical for miners to enhance the methods of measuring payload accuracy and ensure optimal haulage capacity.

mining truck scale alternative

It is precisely for this reason that Walz Scale, a global leader in weighing technology, has developed the Walz Load Scanner system. This volumetric load scanner helps mining companies determine the volume of excavated materials fast, easily and accurately. But more important for payload management and profitability, this load scanning system seamlessly calculates payload weight based upon the material density of the load volume.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Laser Scanning Technology

This system utilizes cutting edge, state-of-the-art laser technology to scan and produce accurate measurements of loads carried by open trucks. The scanner works simply by forming a 3D image of the load as the trucks slowly pass under. Using predetermined inputs that specify the nature and density of the material, the system calculates the payload weight using the volume metrics.

The load scanner from Walz Scale is easy to install and operate. In contrast to heavy truck scales, the 3D images can be uploaded to smart-phones, tablets or personal computers. This can help identify issues such as poor truck bed load displacement which reduces efficiency and accelerates truck wear and tear.

3D Load Scan Image

Furthermore, data from the tablet or smart-phone can be processed by Walz software for storage, retrieval and customer billing. This proprietary software is also compatible with most mobile devices and computers.

Tablet Display

Optimized Payload Management & Data Analysis

The Walz Load Scanner calculates the volume of an empty truck and stores this information together with the identification of the truck. When this data is stored, the loaded truck can then be scanned and the data retrieved real time by the trucking company.

The load data obtained can also be emailed or printed for management purposes. The system features an optional cloud data management system. The system also offers an option for integration with axle scales systems in order to comply with highway load regulations.

The 3D scanning feature has important profit implications since it provides superb details of payload volume and its distribution in each truck. This has several benefits. It enables the performance of the shovel operator to be analyzed and optimized.It can also assist to improve truck life, determine the filling parameters of the truck body and improve truck operation efficiency.

The cost of installing the Walz Load Scanner is half that of truck scales and weighbridges. It is also easier to maintain, recalibrate and repair. The system is highly dependable and can endure continuous use in rugged, harsh terrain.

The Walz Load Scanner is highly portable and can easily be carried with a trailer. It can be set up and activated very easily. The load scanner system can be height-adjustable and only needs to be set in a stable, level position to get accurate readings. Using a touch screen tablet or kiosk, this portable scanner can even be used without a human operator in any job site.

Portable Load Scanner Unit

Open excavation and mining companies will greatly enhance their efficiency and overall productivity by using the Walz Load Scanner. This system offers unmatched operational capabilities and is an obvious improvement on the traditional cumbersome mining truck scales.

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