There can be little doubt as to the importance of optimizing your web presence if you are a job seeker. You see, in the past all that potential employers had to go on when making their decision was your resume and how you handled the interview process, but now that has all changed.

optimize web presence

The Internet has made it easier for employers to check out potential new recruits and learn things about them that could help them to change their mind in either a positive or negative way.

So, what do you need to do?

Have Your Web Presence Reflecting The Real You

First, you need to make sure that how you are seen on the web is the exact way that you want an employer to see you. It has to reflect the same personality that you are trying to portray when seeking a job and quite often that means that the first thing you must do is to clean up what appears about you online.

Remove Embarrassing Images

Do you have images of you being drunk and acting crazy? If so, then it is time to get rid of them because it can give an employer the wrong impression of you. The same can be said of other images or posts available online that could potentially embarrass not only you, but the company that you are hoping to work for.

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Neutralize your thoughts on topics that could be controversial, and just try to make sure that whatever they find about you on the Internet casts you in a favorable light rather than as somebody that should be avoided.

Use Social Media Strategically

optimize socialNow, we said about removing various images and they will tend to be on social media websites, but we are not saying to abandon them completely. Instead, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter can be used to your advantage. At the very least in embarking on a social media marketing strategy, you should certainly look at joining LinkedIn as that is a social networking website for professionals.

However, no matter which website you are on do make sure that your profile is professional looking at all times. As part of optimizing a web presence, ensure to include your interests, previous history, your strengths, and anything else that is positive about you and which already appears on your resume. This alone can help an employer to see that you are a sensible person and hopefully one that can fit into their company.

Network Online

You can also help your web presence by networking online. This is advisable for job seekers who want to display a real interest in the industry or market that you are hoping to work in. This can show an employer that you are serious about what you hope to do and this eagerness can often help to tip things your way when it comes to deciding who to hire.

Getting Yourself Out There On The Internet

Finally, it is always worth expanding your current web presence and the best way to do this is to think about a blog or taking part in forums and message boards where you can show off some of your talents and knowledge as well as your personality. This will just allow an employer to get a better idea as to what you are like on a day to day basis and help them to build a more accurate picture of you. This is free to do, and it is certainly worth spending the time setting it up.

What we are saying is that if you are actively hunting for a job, then you must think carefully about the information that can be uncovered about you via the Internet. It is known that a potential employer will now turn to the web in order to learn more about the people that have applied, so do not allow yourself to be caught out and lose that job just because of a crazy post you did when drunk on Facebook.

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