walz scaleWalz Scale, a name that symbolizes trust and great innovation in many industrial sectors throughout North America, is an industry leader in providing versatile truck scales, precision weighing equipment, and custom-tailored solutions to meet its clients’ demands.

Over the years, Walz Scale has developed a remarkable range of truck scale products and weighing system services to a number of industries, such as: agriculture, chemical, mining, logistics/transportation, waste management, aggregate and recycling.

Primary Product Product Classes of Walz Scale

Weighbridges, portable truck scales, axle scales, onboard scales, loader scales, rail scales, pallet scales, and heavy-duty mining scales are some of the primary product classes that define Walz Scale. Each truck scale and weighing system that makes-up Walz’ comprehensive product portfolio exhibits cutting-edge technology that’s designed for optimal efficiency.

Walz Scale’s team of experts make up a team of experienced and highly-specialized professionals who invest in new research to design and manufacture products that set them apart from the competition. In addition to the scale systems themselves, harvest and load management software is critical to fully track and report on weight/payload data.

The platform-based integration coupled with the industry’s most advanced truck scale designs are what define Walz Scale as a leader in North America. In short, these advancements significantly help clients attain maximum productivity.

Divisions of Walz Scale

Walz Scale specializes in the manufacturing of almost all types of industrial truck weighing scales and weighing systems. Some of its divisions are as follows –

Walz OnBoard

A range of onboard scales, cold planers, lift truck scales, and onboard material handler scales are supplied by Walz OnBoard. It is the only source providing onsite and calibration services along with manufacturing weighing equipments, portable truck scales, agricultural and mobile onboard scales.

Walz Mining

Provider of specialized 3D volumetric scanning solutions to enhance operational competence and reduction of waste, Walz Mining creates solutions for mining operations that include wheel loader and mining scales, onsite weighing services, and calibration solutions.

Walz Scanner

Walz Scanner’s wide-ranging systems of volume management include tools that control tangible weights pertaining to stockpile, vehicle and belt volumes.

Subsidiary Companies of Walz Scale

The growth trajectory of Walz Scale has been quite fascinating. The company has evolved over the last few decades, progressing continuously to meet various market needs, offering a complete spectrum of truck scales and weighing system solutions. It has undergone phases of evolution and now has three sister concerns, that are focused on certain areas of the truck scale marketplace.


AgWeigh leads the market in providing truck scales, weighing technologies, and yield management software and solutions. Spanning from on-board systems to portable truck scales, AgWeigh products and services are offered to help farmers maximize their harvest in the most cost-efficient way.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros offers the widest range of payload management systems, and rail and truck weigh scales supported by software. Not only does this branch of Walz Scale provide durable and sustainable truck scales for heavy-duty use, but also supplies software and systems that evaluate data.

Walz Load Scanner

Built with the best-in-class technology, Walz Load Scanner manufactures truck load scanning products that can compute volume metrics into weight metrics in a split second. The systems offered are precise and affordable substitutes to heavy-duty truck scales.

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