Portable truck scales are for the most part, unknown by most people and are rarely noticed even when used in public. This undermines the importance of portable weigh scales and their invaluable presence in the world of heavy-duty weighing.

In-motion portable truck scale up close

Portable truck scales are used in the mining, shipping, logistics and numerous other industries to give quick and accurate weight of heavy equipment including trucks hauling aggregate materials, shipment containers, logistics transport trucks, oil tankers, etc. They provide accurate weighing of cargo being transported, primarily on trucks, without the need to unload and weigh in small portions.

At the forefront of portable truck scale technology is WalzScale.com. With 50 years of experience, Walz offers an incredible line of in-motion portable truck scales, which are providing the ultimate solution for all forms of weighing. These portable weighing scales are industry leading, heavy duty, spot-on accurate, NTEP approved, and legal-for-trade, which makes them perfect tools for numerous industrial applications.

In-motion portable truck scale unit

Advanced Features of Walz Portable Weigh Scales

Constructed of steel or aluminium, they are easily transported and deployed in almost any working environment and more convenient to operate than weighbridge truck scales which are much heavier and costs thousands of dollars more. They come with easy to set-up and install carrying cases for optimal portability in the field.

In-motion portable truck scale action

The range of in-motion portable scales provided by WalzScale.com includes the heavy duty AXHD axle scale which is built to withstand the toughest working environments. It is built from heavy duty carbon steel and finished with high quality epoxy paint, at the same time delivering accurate readings. It features removable ramps for easy entry and exit of vehicles and includes a Portable Weight Terminal that has a rechargeable battery and backlight LCD display that provides an easy mode of operation.

In-motion portable truck scale terminal

AXW-Series Portable Axle Scales from Walz Scale

The AXW-30 portable scale has a sleek, low profile design with aluminium construction and can weigh vehicle axles up to 30 tons (60,000lbs.). It is armed with removable ramps and its light weight makes it easily transported and deployed in the roughest of working habitats. This scale offers perfect in-motion axle weighing at industry topping accuracy and is monitored through WalzScale.com’s Portable Weight Terminal. It is a simple system to operate and when moving to the next site, The AXW-30 folds away in it sleek designed carrying case which is accented with aluminium.

In-motion portable truck scale up close

Also in WalzScale.com’s arsenal of in-motion axle scales are the AXW-45, AXW-95 and AXW-110 which can weigh vehicle axles up to 110 tons. They are built with aluminium and high strength structural steel for heavy duty deployments. They feature lightweight removable ramps and options to allow for easy operation on gravel or earth.

These portable weigh scales are perfect for the mining industry with vehicle carrying hefty payloads on uneven ground. Also available from WalzScale.com is an advanced weight study software that allows for tracking and managing a multitude of data from production or vehicle study. The system also provides volumetric and 3D load analysis with their AXW and AXM systems which also gives you accurate volume and load imagery tools to better manage your haulage fleet.

Among others, these In-Motion Portable axle scales by WalzScale.com are industry leaders at helm technological advances in the heavy weighing industry.

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