DimensionalWeighing.com is one of the leading companies to offer some of the industry-leading cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment. The company specializes in a vast array of cubing and dimensioning products that are used in the shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

dimensional weighing

With the incorporation of advanced technology and ongoing research and engineering, DimensionalWeighing.com offers systems that drastically automate a number of cumerbsome processes in the distribution of goods. With that said, here are some of the top dimensioning and cubing systems offered at DimensionalWeighing.com

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning System

The company delivers solutions for precise weight and dimensional measurement for large freight and pallet shipping operations. With these systems, the entire measuring procedure is made easy and more precise. This type of system uses laser scanners that run through the specific freight.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning System

Some of the types of the pallet and large freight dimensioning equipment include the Static Cargo Scanner System and the In-Motion Cargo Scanner. They are used in shipping and distribution centers, and the fork truck will simply pass through the scanner, without having to stop. With this, companies can save time and effort.

Package Dimensional Weighing & Scanning System

The product behind the company’s package dimensional weighing and scanning system is also called the Static Package Scanner, or SPS, and it is a basic system that utilizes an innovative technology. The system integrates sensors that offer accurate dimension for each package.

Package Dimensional Weighing & Scanning System

The SPS dimensional weighing and scanning system is controlled using a progressive operational software. The software is designed to run on every Windows device. With this system, you can interface and operate weight and dimensional data straight from the software. It is used in warehouses, shipping centers, and POS desks. The delivery of the services is quite fast and accurate.

Volumetric Vehicle Dimensional Scanning & Weighing

This is a WLS Load Scanner System that is used to enhance the volumetric load measurement in logistic companies. The system allows the accuracy and efficiency of operations. It allows for precise management of material volumes loaded in an open-top truck. This system also utilizes laser scanners that are highly accurate. The laser beams scan the vehicle load as the vehicle is moving. With such a system, companies can track the production without disrupting the flow of work.

Volumetric Vehicle Dimensional Scanning & Weighing

This system can also be used in logistics centers like in a warehouse. Here, the truck will not have to stop for confirmation of the load that is onboard. Rather, the laser beams scan over the open-top truck, and the accurate data will be recorded.

Reliability & Accuracy of DimensionalWeighing.com’s Systems

DimensionalWeighing.com works at delivering reliable systems and products to the logistics and shipping industries. The company offers In-Motion Cubing Systems that increase the accuracy and production level. The IMPS cubing system provided by DimensionalWeighing.com offer the perfect automation that is required for advanced shipping and warehousing operations. The systems are not just accurate, but they also utilize the latest technology that makes the weighing process faster.

Each of the cubing systems offered at DimensionalWeghing.com is integrated with an easy-to-operate software that controls the equipment. This way, there will be reduced cases of accidents in the working spaces. Also, the workflow and working space are enhanced, and there is a minimal margin for errors. The accuracy of the weighing and measurement process is improved, making the systems quite reliable. The software that integrates with the systems is compatible with most of the Windows-based devices. This makes them accessible to any shipping and logistics center.

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