If you’re seeking a solid and sharp mower that offers the best results, then Bush Hog mowers are a great place to start. Bush Hog designs and manufactures a wide range of premium lawn mowers, ranging from finish mowers and flail mowers to zero-turns and rotary cutters.Bush Hog Mowers

To help guide into the type of Bush Hog mower that’s best for your needs, below are 3 common models from Bush Hog that handle specific applications.

1. Bush Hog RDTH72 Finish Mower

Bush Hog RDTH72 finish mower comes with a 72-inch cutting width. The best thing about this mower is that it is specifically designed to offer smooth and even cut with every time use. The lower link and the floating top of this device offer a uniform cut even if you use it in the places of uneven terrains.

This Bush Hog mower is equipped with rubber heels that makes it stable and sturdy while cutting grass and plants. It is durable and requires less maintenance. The rear discharge of this finish mower improves the overall performance of the mower with a superior distribution. You can use this mower for each need without any difficulty.

2. Bush Hog Zero-Turn Professional (PZ) Series Mower

If you want to experience the best result then Bush Hog Zero-Turn Professional (PZ) series mower will be a good option for you. This mower comes with a perfect combination of heavy-duty construction and superior performance ability that ultimately enhances your mowing experience. You can easily change its pivoting or locked front axle.

This Bush Hog zero-turn mower comes with a 61 and 73-inches cutting width and 0 to 14 MPH variable speeds. The blade tip speed of this machine is 18,000 FPM. Like other mowers of the Bush Hog, this mower is durable. And it makes the cutting process easy for you as well. You can use it both for the light and heavy mowing.

3. Bush Hog Tri-Deck Finish Mowers (TD1100, TD1500 & TD1700)

Bush Hog Tri-Deck finish mowers (models TD1100, TD1500 & TD1700) are a good choice whenever you need a well-groomed cut. It comes with mowing width of 11, 15, and 17- feet that can match well with your requirements. You can use these mowers for the municipalities, golf courses, for your lawns with large areas, and sporting complexes. The high blade tip make the mowing easy and less time consuming. It is specifically designed to withstand thousand hours of use with a minimal downtime.

Investing in Bush Hog mowers can enhance your mowing experience and can minimize the downtime. As a result, it is important to get the right one to get durable and quality results.

Bush Hog is a popular name in this industry as many of its users have expressed satisfaction with the durability and effectiveness of the Bush hog mowers. Buy any of them to improve your mowing experience. Moreover, you can get one year warranty on Bush Hog products.

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