Those who like war and military history will love the new and highly-anticipated film Beyond Glory. Produced by 8180 Films, Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang and directed by Larry Brand is starting to see the big screen at many major film festivals, including the upcoming Phoenix Film Festival in April.beyond glory film

The movie’s plot and premise is based Larry Smith’s novel of the same name. Beyond Glory had already been made into a play prior to the film’s production. Moviegoers and film enthusiasts are in for a treat with Beyond Glory. The finished product is a synthesis of theater and cinema that draws from first-hand accounts of World War II, Vietnam, and Korean War accounts as described by various Medal of Honor recipients from each of the three wars. The many play adaptations have been refined over the years and their influence on the film only makes the script stronger.

A Look at Beyond Glory the Film

Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang embodies the martial values of the United States Military and serves as a symbolic piece of art that resonates with many audiences. The film begins during a Congressional inquiry regarding the dismissal of a cadet who is considered dishonest yet influential. His father, acting as attorney, works the angle that the inquiry is an attack on the Military Academy’s honor system and the man accusing his son, Captain Ladd as a result becomes the defendant.

Later, the film flashes back to Ladd’s past and focusing on his record as a veteran of war and how he had a post war psychosis due to his experience in a bloody ordeal which stunned him. The movie is suspenseful in many instances in Ladd’s personal defense while hanging over his head is the idea that he behaved in a cowardly manner during battle. Many might think that he is a victim of delusion which his comrade is able to refute in the end.

The plot leaves the viewer with the impression that the Military Academy’s honor system is somewhat dependent on the depiction that the writers have portrayed the Army as having. Ladd’s performance is certainly convincing and reflective of Military Academy discipline while Donna Reed, who plays the lead woman character, plays the role of a war widow quite well.

Beyond Glory: A Historical Time Piece

The directing and production seems to have done more emotional justice, and the integration of flashbacks with present action sequences is done most professionally. The West Point System is mentioned often in the film while Ladd’s personal struggles are central to the film’s focus but yet still there is more mention than documentation. The film Beyond Glory is a true, in every sense of the word, “military” movie that in essence is a historical timepiece as well as an entertaining bit of cinema put together by some of the best in the movie business all while getting its storyline from a well- known and well written book that so many people love.

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