A lot of exciting things are happening with today’s standard of industrial weighing technology. That might come as a surprise, but advancements in mining technology and science have led to innovative ideas becoming tangible products and solutions. Mining companies, specifically, can benefit from some of these new applications, such as on-board truck scales and volumetric load scanner systems.

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Load Scanner Systems

Payload scanning technology can offer a lot more than just load volume data. Now mining companies can calculate the load weight of each truck bed that passes under the load scanner by using innovative systems that provide such data. The potential here can’t be understated, with the ability to monitor things like load position, carry back, fill factor, fragmentation and so forth.

This data has obvious uses for efficiency and calculating costs. Mining companies can benefit the most, as a lot of valuable information can be discerned from load scanner devices, such as load distribution and adequacy of load transfers.

Portable Truck Scales

In the mining context, more efficient technology often means greater portability and convenience. Many companies have some very interesting portable truck scales on the market now. The impressive aspect of today’s portable truck scale systems is the heavy duty capabilities and minimal set-up. These portable scales have a myriad of configurations that can work for even the largest mining trucks.

One can take things a step further in terms of portability. Built in scales are now available for almost every configuration of truck and equipment. These units get impressively accurate results, even when put through tough real-world conditions. Of course smaller operations might find the overhead too expensive to put an individual scale on each truck.

Weighbridge Scales

Traditional weighbridge scales are still as viable as ever, if not more so. Technological and design advancement has made this type of scale vastly more portable. Of course this also means far more durability, and accuracy when weighing. The portability of weighbridge truck scales for sale is just an added bonus, but a potent one nonetheless. Having an accurate readout when and where you need it can make all the difference.

Of course, the volumetric load scanner is the most interesting aspect of all this. Using advanced lasers, this scanner generates highly accurate 3d readouts of open top vehicles. Accuracy is not impeded should the scanned volume be in motion. This alone provides an untold amount of valuable data.

Naturally this load scanner technology can also calculate net weight. For more accuracy, however, it integrates flawlessly with truck scales. The combination of this data can provide exact calculations of material density, in real time.

Cloud Data Access

Most notable is the cloud linkage. Gone are the days of having to create and maintain your own data networks. Now synchronizing data is as simple as pressing one button, even for multinational mining operations. The ongoing theme here is getting accurate data to improve the management of stock piles, inventories and loads.

In this day and age, collecting and utilizing relevant data is crucial. Cloud integration with highly affordable, yet advanced technology can be a decisive factor in determining the success of a mining startup, even industry titans stand to gain a lot from using the best science has to offer.

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