Truck overloading not only cause accidents but can damage infrastructure as well. As a way of curbing these dangers, various methods of screening trucks have come into play. Weigh-in-motion wheel weigher scales are the most advanced form of technology for this job.

Today’s wheel weighers have been manufactured and designed for a number of industrial applications, including the transport industry, agricultural and mining. These truck scales utilize modern technology in weighing sensors and load cells while minimizing labor, overload and throughput costs.wheel weigher scales systems

Wheel weighers are a boon in the transport industry due to their versatile and highly-functional design. However, wheel weigher truck scale technology is integral for many different off-road and on-road applications, such as construction, logging, mining, demolition, and waste management. Here are a few reasons why wheel weigher scales are a preferred option over other forms of truck scales:

Weigh-in-Motion Weighing Weigh-in-Motion Weighing

Wheel weighers are sought after because of their stunning capability to measure weight of large trucks while in slow motion over the scales. Other static truck scales require trucks to stop completely so as to record weight readings. These advanced, weigh-in-motion wheel weighers calculate weight metrics as the trucks pass the scale unit at 3 MPH speeds, a quality that suits the farming business because produce is kept fresh at all times.

Detachable Truck Scale Ramps

Many truck loads in the market have bulky ramps that contribute to their heavy weights. Wheel weighers have solved this issue by making use of small and removable ramps that can be detached easily. This allows trucks to pass over the scales without any risk of damage. These ramps can also act as alerts to warn drivers of something wrong.wheel weigher low profile ramps

Efficient Weighing Terminals

Wheel weigher axle scales are equipped with integrated weighing terminals. The terminals have rechargeable batteries to ensure constant power for a long period of time before recharge. Making wheel weigher scale technology complete, the terminals also come with an LCD to allow for accuracy in readings when the sun has set.wheel weigher In order to allow you manage your fleet better, wheel weigher scales have incorporated modern and advanced load analysis tools.


Wheel weighers are manufactured from high robust and versatile materials for optimum strength and durability. This factor was put into consideration by manufacturers because many other truck scales lack it. Wheel weighers are constructed from high strength steel which makes them the strongest option available in the market.


The wheel weigher scale system includes weighing pads, terminals and wires. This package occupies the least space in any vehicle making them the most portable truck scales.portable wheel weigher scales

Ease of Installation

The wheel weigher can be easily installed on site and operated in a short period of time. As long as the scale is in operation, the payload data can be assessed in seconds. What’s more, it is possible to get real-time data from remote areas using modern technology. Mining applications benefit more from this feature because not only are the sites usually located in remote locations but also because there is need to weigh hundreds of trucks every day.

Wheel weighers are undoubtedly the best truck scales in the transport industry. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, these scales are pocket friendly because they require little labor and less throughput costs.

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