An address printer is an essential equipment that can enable efficiency in a business’ mailroom. Entrepreneurs should therefore pick the best brand in the market to make them realize maximum performance of the organization. Of course, when going for a new address printer, one has to look at the features and specs of address printers that would best suite the business’ structure and needs.

However, some crucial features may be overlooked by the buyer when going purchasing an address printer. There are various criteria that have to be considered before deciding on what address printer machine to select; most importantly, the address printer should have a long life span, be able to produce high-quality output, cheap, consistent and easy to maintain. Here are the most reliable and top address printer brands on the market address printer machines

1. Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes offers various mail solutions meant for both small and big businesses. The company’s long-serving period in the field (over 90 years) has enabled them to be equipped with ample experience, conferring them to dominate the market for business address printer machines

One of the company’s leading models, the Pitney Bowes DA95f, comes in three versions; i.e. low, medium, and high volume units. The smallest one can print 18 letters/minute, which is attuned with the capability to mail approximately 100 letters/month. For the medium version, it is built with Connect+ 1000 and enabled to process 65-180 letters/month. The high volume option is made of Connect+ 2000 that can run 180-350 letters within an hour. It’s monthly prices range at about $20-$1,500, depending on the model used.

2. Neopost USA Address Printers

Neopost USA is a widely known trademark, well known for the production of high capable machines. It offers a variety of machines, among them being the IJ-25 model that can print approximately 20 letters/minute and able to store 8 marketing messages. The top versions can be able to process about 15,000 mails/hour. With the device, users can have the opportunity to enjoy contemporary technological enhancements.
These include interchangeable ink cartridge that cannot interrupt mail flow when being swapped, and also a mini indicia print mark that cuts down the rate of ink usage. Other extras include letter folders, addressing equipment, and inserters, thus making the machine even more potent. Its monthly charges go for about $20-$1000.

3. Hasler Address Printers business address printers

Hasler Inc. also offers various models that can be used by different businesses. Either for low, medium, or high volume mail processing, the group has the right machines to take care of this. The lowest volume build is charged at $20-$30 in a month, working perfectly for small corporations. Conversely, a bigger make (WJ Pro) is available to cater for larger merchandises.

4. FP USA Address Printer Machines

The FP Group is landmarked in Addison Illinois which is also known to be among the best address printer manufacturers in the US. It has won the trust of most business operators with the PostBase series, which is espoused with top notch features and vast mailing services that can elevate corporations mailing amenities to a higher level.

Its features include an increased speed rated at 45, which is greater than the ordinary ones measuring 35. As a result, it can be able to process 65 letters/minute. Users can have their favorite color from a selection of six along with the ability to control over 200 departmental accounts, CentorMail system control, USPS, etc.

5. Data Pac Address Printers

Data-Pac has been accredited with the development of the finest software and hardware for mailing conveniences. Its most popular model is the Data-Pac America 2 meter, which has a found a place in most of the today’s businesses. The brand further boasts innovation of the first internet postage funds top up system.

Unlimited address printer brands are on the market currently. It may therefore be difficult to decide on what the best selection to go for is. The list above has the best alternatives any smart business person should not miss in his/her mailroom.

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