If you have already been working hard implementing a variety of SEO strategies, you should also focus on some of the most important non-SEO strategies that have the potenatial to boost your site authority and improve search engine rankings.non seo strategies

The following three channels and related strategies (that are not specific to SEO) and can help businesses take their search engine rankings to the next level.

Establish a Customer Review System

Getting more reviews from your customers especially those giving you 5-star ratings can significantly increase your site’s trust in the eyes of search engines like Google. Always ask your happy customers to consider leaving reviews on your site, but never get tempted to write fake reviews yourself because your visitors are likely to detect them and take off. The interactions of real customers on your site will contribute to a valuable user-generated content that is rich in keywords users directly key in for natural search online.

Ratings given through user reviews are often picked up and included in Google search results. customer reviews not only increases your local business ranking in Google local search but also click throughs that end up boosting conversion rates. In today’s digital world customers like to interact and share experiences on what they are buying, so they will always be happy to write reviews if asked or encouraged to do so.

Focus More on Social Media

Social media signals are very important for any business that values interactions with its audience online. You have to engage on every popular social media platform especially the ones that are more relevant for your type of business. Most businesses will find it more beneficial to use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among other social networks where they can easily engage their local audiences more effectively.

All these platforms allow users to generate a lot of data and that increases the potential of boosting your local search rankings. Google+ significantly does that because much of the user-generated data including reviews is often pulled in Google search results. Of course the social media will also give you the advantage of monitoring conversations around your brand.

You can quickly respond to any issues and seize the opportunity to improve trust and image to your prospects. Brilliant use of social media can easily enhance credibility and authority. Socializing your brand can therefore not only give you better chances on ranking but creates many other possibilities.

Get Listed on Trusted Directories & Local Listings

People today do not discover businesses from the traditional paper-based type of directories. There are numerous online business directories that quickly link customers to any business they are interested in finding more information about. The best practices for SEO is to have your business listed in as many trusted business directories as possible.

For instance, if you are plastic surgeon or operate a plastic surgery practice, finding trusted health and medical directories can help give your plastic surgeon SEO strategy a boost. Learn more about SEO for surgeons at Optimized Surgeons..

This still does increase the chances of being found online via search engines. Having many of these directory listings and profiles helps to build both links and citations. The two variables have the potential to influence search rankings in Google organic and Google local search.

The major search engines themselves including Google, Bing and Yahoo! provide some of the most trusted business recommendations to web users. You must list on these as well as all the other online business directories where you can build useful profiles and links.

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